Feline tooth resorption may be clearly visible. 3 dental radiographs are required for proper diagnosis and treatment.feline tooth resorption (tr), a common disease in cats characterized by resorption of. Pin on Vet Tech Unfortunately, because an exact cause of tooth resorption in dogs or cats is still undetermined. Tooth resorption cats. Supporting joint health as dogs and cats age. 1,2 risk factors include increasing age and the presence of other dental disease (including additional tr lesions). 2 tooth resorption also affects dogs to a lesser extent. Diagnosis of tooth resorption in cats. Only 8% of the teeth examined from cats without tooth resorption had similar lesions. By the way, there is also a paper on tooth resorption in dogs which is something Umbilical hernias in puppies and kitten. Sometimes, the entire crown of the tooth may be missing. A study of 109 cases in the journal of veterinary dentistry found that purebreds are likelier to suffer. Any tooth can be affected by tooth resorption, but the mandibular premolars (bottom cheek teeth) are most commonly diseased. Tritrichomonas infection causes diarrhea in cats. While the cause is still largely unknown, some believe. Tooth resorption in cats is likely the most common significant […]