It is a puppy that cannot get up on his feet and start walking at the appropriate age, usually around 2 weeks. In this pup’s case, all the other tests came back normal or. German Shepherd Puppy With Swimmer’s Syndrome Teaches The syndrome is usually present (although not yet apparent) at birth, so it is believed that there is a hereditary element involved; Swimmer puppy syndrome. It is much more common in puppies. Because the limbs can’t support them in a standing position, the dogs try to move with swimming motions. The puppy should be encouraged to walk through this tunnel several times each day. It is characterized by a flattening of the chest and abdomen, which makes it difficult for the puppies to stand, crawl or walk. Swimmer puppy syndrome (sps) often affects chondrodystrophic breeds of short legs as english bulldog, scottish terrier and basset hound. These dogs have legs that stick out at the corners (like a turtle’s would). The legs affected can be the fore legs, the hind legs, or all four, although the hind legs are usually more severely affected. If treated early in life and placed on flooring with good traction, most swimmer puppies develop […]